Jowe Head


My name is Jowe Head. I have been working as an artist and musician since 1974, when I started to play in my first band while I was at Art College. After finishing my art degree, I continued to play with my first band, SWELL MAPS, and later joined TELEVISION PERSONALITIES. I have played in many bands in the last thirty years, and also painted artwork for record-covers and posters and stage design. I have exhibited my pictures many times in London, and also in Edinburgh and Glasgow. This exhibition is my first solo show outside the UK.

My artwork is influenced by many "Modern" artists - for example, Ernst, Miro, Magritte, Picasso, Klee - and also ancient art coming from Egyptian, Aztec, Buddhist and Hindu culture. I have travelled widely in Asia, Australia and Europe, collecting inspiration and ideas.

My themes in painting are influenced by the culture and media surrounding me, and I try to show my reactions to the attitudes of people that I meet, and the way we behave to each other. The pictures sometimes show people in the act of eating, and sometimes seeming to eat other people. My reason for this is complicated, but to me it seems to be on three levels of meaning:

Sometimes, I imagine a "food-chain" in the wild, where a small animal is eaten by a carnivore. A bigger predator eats this carnivore in turn. I try to imagine this using people instead, showing the way that humans in a modern society are still wild animals, behind our bourgeois sophistication and polite manners.

Also, I try to show the way that people react to each other in their relationships. Despite hundreds of thousands of years of evolution and progress, we are still trying to race against others with weapons and aggression. Sadly, we see that we cannot stop our primitive impulse to hate our neighbours and shout at people who are different.

Lastly, I try to show my reaction to our decadent society's to obsessive desire to consume. We are driven by powerful commercial forces to buy and throw away useless products by seductive advertising and the popular media. Are we, the producers, or are we the disposable products?

Jowe Head, 28-1-07

The Exhibition: 6th till 22nd of April, Wednesday till Sunday 2 - 6 pm
Opening 5th of April, 8 pm

Saturday, 7th of April Concert "Angel Racing Food", feat. Jowe Head
westgermany, Skalitzerstr. 133, U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor, 7-8 Euro